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Regali del tempo… Time gives you memories…

Il tempo è ilcome bene più prezioso. Solo il tempo svela i veri amici. Il tempo cambia, aggiusta, intona persone e persone, persone e luoghi, persone e animali. Conoscersi porta, col tempo, Border e Umano è muoversi con lo stesso passo. La routine diventa la conferma che viviamo insieme gli spazi e che possiamo affrontare insieme i cambiamenti.

Time is the most precious asset of all. Only time reveals true friends. Time changes, mends and matches people and people, people and places, people and animals. To know eachother brings, as time goes by, border and human to move at the same pace. Routine confirms that we live together spaces and that we can face changes together.

Il tempo scorreva veloce mentre io e il brik camminavamo per le vie del paese. Avevamo incontrato di nuovo l’uomo con il pitbull che quasi staccò l’orecchio a Bryce, ed era stato proprio lui a indicarmelo ringhiando. Anche questa volta era scappato, il vigliacco, non appena ci aveva riconosciuti e mi sentivo tremare, presa dall’indignazione e dalla memoria della paura. Allora il mio cane saggio camminò al mio fianco per quasi due ore e indiana jons da piccolola tensione si sciolse, la paura sfumò.

Time went by quickly as Brik and I were walking through our city steets. We met again the man and his pitbull, the one who almost tore away Bryce’s ear; and it was a growling Bryce to point him out to me. And once again that coward went away as soon as he recognised us and I shook full of indignation and scaring memories. Then my wise dog walked next to me for about 2 hours until tension melted away and fear faded away.

Il tempo scorreva lento quando, andando verso il campo di agility, passammo con la macchina su una stradina sterrata piena di buche e io rallentavo a passo d’uomo. Bryce era impaziente di scendere per correre tra gli ostacoli, si agitava, mugolava e quindi dal sedile di dietro mi allungò una leccata sull’orecchio: “Umi andiamo così piano che torniamo indietro nel tempo… ”

Time went by slowly as driving to the agility ground we passed on a rough road full of holes and I slowed down to a crawl. Bryce was impatient to get out to run among the obstacles. He fidgeted, moaned and therefore from the rear seta he licked my ear: “Umi we go so slowly that we are going backwards in the past…”

Il tempo regala ricordi.

Time gives (you) memories.

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I slip on banana scent!

I slip, flee but my paws’nail don’t grip on the tiles. My ears are so flattened backwards that it seems I don’t have them anymore and my look is unfocused: I know I cannot  escape but I try. They seek to coax me with sweet words but they don’t want to free me. I get on my rear paws climbing with my front paws on the human catching me. She cries and i flee, the other traitor looses his balance and falls on the ground. I’m not really free, the door is closed. Someone takes me from the scruff and brings me back again…

I wake up: I’m in my bed and I have been already showered yesterday: this was only a nightmare. Andwhatthehell!!! If I had loves water I would be born seal, wouldn’t I?

Lately Umi washes anything is at hand: and that was me! But I lefter a treat in the bathroom: while I was running away I sprinkled everywhere banana flavored dog shampoo (…banana?? How could it be??) I left dog hairs and water puddles everywhere. She will think twice before bathing me again, that  scoundrel with an obsession for scented hair! But the REAL traitor is my human brother: I couldn’t believe he could do this to me!  Now he can forget his tricks: under, up, eight, turn…. he can scrape by alone and next time he can take a monkey: he matches well with bananas!

After bath!

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Let’s explain!

Foto di Martina Miradoli
Foto di Martina Miradoli

To write about Bryce, aka Brik, is natural to me like it was years ago when I told stories to my sons and I put them black on white… Once a friend told me not to humanize my dog but once again it was so natural to me to use my pen to describe his behaviour in a serious and amusing way.

To write about Brik is like a game, a little tribute to his contagious joy and an excuse, so dear to every writer, to look around and Tell a story. From now on I will describe myself as “his human mentor”. Yes, I know, that from the very beginning there have been dogs and owners, but Let me use this poetic licence. Nobody should own someone: no man owns a woman or another man; nor a woman owns a man or another woman. A father doesn’t own a son nor does a mother. Therefore I don’t want to own a dog, I want to believe he choose to stay with me and never leave me ad I will never leave him.