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I slip on banana scent!

I slip, flee but my paws’nail don’t grip on the tiles. My ears are so flattened backwards that it seems I don’t have them anymore and my look is unfocused: I know I cannot  escape but I try. They seek to coax me with sweet words but they don’t want to free me. I get on my rear paws climbing with my front paws on the human catching me. She cries and i flee, the other traitor looses his balance and falls on the ground. I’m not really free, the door is closed. Someone takes me from the scruff and brings me back again…

I wake up: I’m in my bed and I have been already showered yesterday: this was only a nightmare. Andwhatthehell!!! If I had loves water I would be born seal, wouldn’t I?

Lately Umi washes anything is at hand: and that was me! But I lefter a treat in the bathroom: while I was running away I sprinkled everywhere banana flavored dog shampoo (…banana?? How could it be??) I left dog hairs and water puddles everywhere. She will think twice before bathing me again, that  scoundrel with an obsession for scented hair! But the REAL traitor is my human brother: I couldn’t believe he could do this to me!  Now he can forget his tricks: under, up, eight, turn…. he can scrape by alone and next time he can take a monkey: he matches well with bananas!

After bath!


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