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Libri e… libri!


Io e Bryce siano andati a prendere suo fratello umano in un quartiere di Verona dove non passavamo da tempo, un quartiere pieno di cani. Una volta scesi dalla macchina ci abbiamo messo quindici minuti buoni per fare cinquanta metri. Bryce ha annusato con attenzione ogni foglia di siepe, tronco, palo della luce, macchiolina sull’asfalto: se fosse passato alle sue spalle un elefante non lo avrebbe né visto né sentito. Avete presente quel tipo che cammina con un libro in mano e non vede quello che accade accanto a lui tanto è concentrato sulla lettura? Ecco ognuno ha il cane che si merita e io dovevo portami un libro.

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Frankly, I don’t give a damn

Sheepdog, sheep, flock control are part of a Border Collie work, and yet Brick slights them. He likes to taste the sheep poop pralines and to bark to the hens in the near fence. He barks offensively aloud to the horses but he is not interested in the sheep. At least this is Umi’s idea after a few sheep control lessons that she and Bryce did together.


But other thoughts go through young Brick’s mind, while he rests dirty and tired.

“I ask myself: why should I gather 4 afraid sheep? Ok, I’m a border and if you take me to a farm in a boundless moor with a flock to be led to a sheepfold I could bustle. But in a fence, with the sheep I feel myself uncomfortable then the poor animals are fed up to give lessons to a dog, the teacher explains to the people what to do and they do it, they improvise themselves shepherds and dogs engage and some even try to bite the sheep. Istantanea 8 (12-02-2016 22-04)The dogs, the ordinary ones, don’t know that during serious sheepdog competitions biting the sheep shank is a serious penalty. They can even be disqualified only for a bite! I don’t want to be the jaguar’s friend or rewrite Tom and Jerry subverting the things natural order, but I’m sorry for those wooly heads, all day long going around foolishly in a fence, going in and out the gates risking the shanks only to entertain humans! We, the borders, control the sheep with our look, our eyes give order…. let German Shepherd join the Police and leave us the dirty job! Paws get muddy, hair puffs up and our magnetic eyes order the rebel sheep to go back to the flock. Istantanea 10 (12-02-2016 22-06)That happens in Scotland or in the Alp pastures, not in the riding school fence behind the house. There you annoy the hens because a serious border has mostly a nuisance nature. He is irreverent, virtually scoundrel, and extremely clever to understand when a human needs to be cuddled. We, the borders, love to converse with horses, they have great empathy and irony, we gladly exchange a few jokes when we met. As far as the pralines are concerned… everyone has his own weaknesses and tastes… and it’s real vegan food!

In italiano… L’amico del giaguaro

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Rain and fire

It’s raining, I just came back, the rain makes me completely humid. I was well dried and rubbed. Now I’m lying on then carpet by the fire burning in the fireplace. I hear Umi working in the kitchen but I know I don’t need to get up because according to my brothers when she is there she only plays with the chemistry set…

IMG_6568 - CopiaTherefore I keep watching at the fire! Rain reminds me at something I don’t know but that is in me somewhere. It doesn’t bother me to have wet hair, my undercoat keeps me warm and dry. I love running in the rain, it makes me electric! If I close my eyes, stung by the flames’heat, I can imagine myself working on my canine ancestors’cold hills, I hear the shepherds’ whistles, the mud soaking my paws while I rally big and nervous sheeps. My young body’s energy busts in the control and gathering work, and overcomes cold and danger and even the stony ground scratching my fingertips.

I open my eyes on my pack, the pack I love like only dogs can do. My human brother, that I wake up every morning with my humid nose, that I push out of the door and follow with my eyes till he leaves the house alleyway (not for nothing, but if he looses the bus I must “keep it” till we take him downtown to the school). To wake up my other brother I must jump on him with all my four paws! But… how much do the humans sleep? Then there is Umi… you can’t even imagine how much patience I need with her! She stops to talk with an old couple: the lady has a stick, the dog has not… but I’m sure it would be useful to him too… Umi softens and every time is almost moved: the dog was her husband’s, who died some years ago. The ambulance came to talk him and since then the dog doesn’t bear the siren’s sound. Before dying at the hospital the old man was worried about his dog’s future and since then his wife always keeps the dog by her side as she was the husband. Life, old age, and death: that’s the way it goes. Stop moving every time! I close my eyes and let the fire heat warm my hair and bones. The rain smell is still in my nostrils… I could be elsewhere, there, where my nature would like to be… but I’m here and here I’m useful.

In italiano … Pioggia e fuoco

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L’amico del giaguaro…

Sheep-dog, pecore, governo del gregge fanno parte del lavoro del Border Collie, eppure Brik li snobba. Lui adora assaggiare le praline di cacca di pecora e abbaiare alle galline del recinto vicino. Grida anche due abbai offensivi ai cavalli ma delle pecore se ne

Questa è l’idea della Umi dopo varie lezioni di governo delle pecore affrontate insieme a Bryce, ma nella testa del giovane bricchetto, mentre sozzo e stanco riposa, passano ben altri pensieri…

“…Io mi domando: perché devo radunare quattro pecoroni spaventati? D’accordo sono un border e se mi portate in una fattoria nelle lande sconfinate e con un gregge di pecore da condurre all’ovile posso anche darmi da fare, ma io nel recinto con i pecoroni ci sto stretto. Poi quelle povere bestie sono stufe di far lezione al “cane” di turno. L’istruttore spiega alle persone cosa fare e queste eseguono, s’improvvisano pastori e i Istantanea 8 (12-02-2016 22-04)cani s’impegnano e alcuni tentano pure di mordere le pecore. I cani, quelli qualunque, mica lo sanno che in competizioni serie di sheep-dog mordere allo stinco la pecora o pinzarla (come diciamo noi in gergo tecnico) è una grave penalità. Possono essere anche squalificati per una pinzata! Non che voglia fare l’amico del giaguaro o riscrivere Tom e Jerry sovvertendo l’ordine naturale della cose, ma a me quelle testone lanose mi fanno pure pena: tutto il giorno a girare e rigirare come sceme nel recinto, a entrare e uscire dai “gate” rischiando lo stinco solo per divertire l’umano di turno! Noi border le pecore le governiamo con lo sguardo, sono i nostri occhi a dare i comandi… ma che Pastori Tedeschi vadano in polizia e lascino a noi il lavoro sporco! Le zampe s’insudiciano di fango, il pelo si gonfia e i nostri occhi magnetici intimano alle pecore ribelli di rientrare nel gruppo. Questo in Scozia o sui pascoli d’alpeggio, mica nel recinto del maneggioIstantanea 10 (12-02-2016 22-06) dietro casa. Lì si dà fastidio alle galline del pollaio, perché un border serio ha soprattutto l’indole del rompiscatole. E’ irriverente, potenzialmente mascalzone e estremamente intelligente da capire quando c’è un umano da coccolare. Con i cavalli, invece, noi border ci divertiamo sempre a dialogare, loro sono esseri dotati di grande empatia e ironia, quattro battute ce le scambiamo volentieri quando c’incontriamo. In quanto al pralinato, beh ognuno ha le sue debolezze e i suoi gusti. E poi è tutto cibo vegano, eh!”