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How to survive to a stalking dog and the art of being unable to cook

Border collies are dogs with strong personality and have an insatiable appetite. Brick is not only insatiable but he has also a “5 stars” taste. My neighbor is an excellent cook while I’m surely not, and therefore the smells coming from her kitchen are ever since like a drug for my family.
Brick broke a piece of the fence between our houses and always showed up for dinner and lunch. My neighbor’s dogs have all the time some delicacies: tuna macaroni, meatballs, grilled salmon but borders are real troopers and the poor dogs had not even the time to put their muzzles in their bowls that a gentledog thief was already coming back home licking his mustaches.

We mutually agreed, in order to keep good neighborhood relationships, to replace the old broken fence with a stronger and 1.80m high new one. Brick studied the issue seriously, measured the new fence covetously, stood on his rear paws to control the real height. Then he made his calculations: the time needed to climb over it was much more longer than the time food stayed in bowls, the neighbor’s dogs are slow not stupid.

Hence brick  changed his tactics. He stays in a strategic place to control through the fence the neighbors’ dinner table that can be perfectly seen if the window is open. He tries the hypnosis and it works. The neighbor surrenders and gives him a tidbit. He drools and looks at her gratefully ( she could call the animal care police if the doesn’t know us). She takes him some cheese and he loves cheese so much! Each meal some cheese. Borders are overbearing their sheep.
At the very beginning he barked softly to have the neighbors’ attention now he barks fiercely making them stand up to give him some cheese.

I was embarrassed that he went to his liking to the neighbors, now that he stalks them.
Today the smelling coming from their kitchen was one of real gourmand and the Tomato macaroni in my sons’ plates made such a sad impression that they looked at each other then looked at brick. I think they wished to be border collies.

Italian version Come convivere con un cane stalker e con l’arte di non saper cucinare

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Sniffing out books…! Fiutando libri!


Girl Detached by Manuela Salvi Higlly recommed for Young Adult!

(Italian version: Una ciotola di emozioni forti… è solo Letteratura! )

salviAleksandra has issues with her voice. Stress makes her stutter, and her life is one of stress. She can only speak clearly on stage, freed by the words of the character she plays. Then, when Aleksandra befriends her new neighbour Megan, and through her meets charming, handsome Ruben, it seems she has discovered a doorway into a different world, and a different Alek. But Ruben wants Aleksandra to play a particular role for him, and it is one that will come close to destroying her.



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Fiera del Libro per Ragazzi di Bologna – Children’s Book Fair

pegDopo tre giorni alla Children’s Book Fair di Bologna mi rimane l’emozione di una fiera del cuore.

After three days at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna the feeling it wasn’t simply a book fair but a real “heart fair” is still in me.

Sono appena rientrata dalla passeggiata mattutina con Bryce e lui, che è rimasto a casa per tre giorni a annoiarsi, è finalmente rilassato e felice di tornare alle nostre abitudini quotidiane. Bryce è sotto la mia scrivania, la casa è silenziosa, il tempo è uggioso.

I’m just come back from the morning walk with Bryce and he, who stayed three days at home annoying himself, is finally relaxed and happy to have our daily routine back. Bryce lies under my desk, the house is quite and the weather is gloomy.

Scrivere per ragazzi è per me un mestiere speciale, nei miei libri ci sono io e sempre io ci sono nelle relazioni umane che intreccio. Quella rete strana, fragile o d’acciaio che sono le amicizie. L’amicizia è uno dei temi che ricorre sempre nelle mie storie, l’amicizia è un valore che coltivo da sempre.

To write children stories is a very special job: I’m always in my books and I’m in all the human relationships I weave too, that peculiar, fragile or strong net forming friendship. And friendship is one of the main subjects of all my stories, it’s one of the values I’m always cultivating.

In questi tre giorni di fiera ho incontrato tante persone, ho capito che alcune amicizie sono salde e forti. Alle volte l’ho capito in un abbraccio o in un continuare a cercarsi: Sei al padiglione 29? Sto scappando a una presentazione! Andiamo ad ascoltare quell’autore, a sfogliare quel libro, a mangiare un panino…? Altre volte l’ho capito in quindici minuti di conversazione fitta fitta, condensata, piena di parole importanti.

During these three days I met a lot of people, I realized some friendships are strong and steady; sometimes I could understand it through a hug or just because we were keeping on searching each other: Are you at stand 29? I’m going to a reading… let’s go listening to that author, to read that book or to eat a sandwich??? Other times I realized it in a 15 minutes intense conversation full of important words.

Poi in fiera ho incontrato persone che volevo conoscere e in pochi minuti ho capito che l’empatia funziona anche tramite la rete internet e abbracciarsi è stata solo una conferma. So che quelle persone rimarranno nella mia vita di scrittrice, lettrice, promotrice dell’amicizia leale e senza barriere per la quale abbiamo con spontaneità gettato le basi.

At the fair I met people I would like to know and in a few seconds I felt that empathy works also through internet and to embrace each other is a further proof of it. I know those people will stay forever in my life as a writer, reader and promoter of leal and no barrier friendship, for which we spontaneously lay the foundations.

Il mio ultimo libro era sul banco dell’editore. Gli occhi magnetici del gatto mi hanno incoraggiato, rassicurato, guidato e una filiera di bellezza e di positività nel mondo dei libri per ragazzi si è rivelata ai miei occhi. Autori, editori, lettori, bibliotecari e librai che credono nel potere dei libri onesti, quelli che regalano emozioni e aiutano tutti noi a crescere. Continuano a tornarmi in mente le parole di Roberto Piumini che, sintetizzate, esortano a non banalizzare. Non banalizziamo il potere della letteratura per ragazzi, alimentiamolo con passione sincera e semineremo bellezza.

My last novel was on the editor stand. The magnetic cat’s eyes encouraged, reassured, guided me and a beauty and positiveness die in the children books’ world revealed to my eyes. Authors, editors, readers, librarians and booksellers believing in honest books’ power, those giving emotions and helping us to grow. Since then Roberto Piumini’s words are still in my mind. Shortly they urged us not to trivialize. Don’t trivialize children literature’s power but instead let’s feed it with honest passion and we will spread beauty.

Nel mondo di oggi si può, forse, chissà… ci crediamo?

In today’s world it could be possible… we can, perhaps, maybe… do we believe in it?

WP_20160406_17_11_52_Pro (2)

Sono tornata a casa da Bologna con tanti libri, alcuni con dediche meravigliose e dolcissime e con il libro del piccolo Sheepdog che tanto assomiglia a Brik. L’editore scozzese Floris Books non poteva vendermi quel libro che i miei occhi avevano individuato il primo giorno con un’attrazione fatale. Chi ha disegnato quel cane lo conosce bene e un legame invisibile che sfida la distanza e la velocità della luce si è creato immediatamente. L’editore ne ha messo da parte una copia e l’ultimo giorno me l’ha regalata. Io ho regalato in cambio una copia di Echino dove c’è l’articolo del Brik. Non è stato un contatto di lavoro, è stata una relazione umana tra persone, passata attraverso il mio inglese approssimativo e le pagine dei libri. Ho ricevuto in dono un libro che adoro e la gentilezza di un’editor scozzese.

I came home from Bologna with lots of books, some even with beautiful and very sweet dedications, and with a special book about a little Sheepdog who is so very like Brik. The Scottish editor Floris Books couldn’t sell to me that book, which fatally attracted my eyes from the very first day… who drow this dog, knows him very we’ll and an invisible relationship, challenging distance and the speed of light, created immediately. The editor kept one copy for me and last day she gave it to me. In exchange for it I gave her a copy of Echino, where there is an article of Brik.
It wasn’t a work contact but a real human relationship fed by my inaccurate English and some book’s pages. I have been given the book I adore and the kindness of a Scottish editor. (… and compliments to Sandra Klaassen!)


Sandra Klassen di Floris Books:


brik manoscritto

Come nascono le storie…

Notes Edizioni:

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… è tutta questione di naso! … it’s just a matter of nose!

WP_20151111_09_23_57_ProBryce al parco gioca con la sua pallina. Gli chiedo di stare fermo, la lancio e lui potrà andare a recuperarla solo quando io dirò: OK!!!

At the park Bryce plays with his  ball. I ask him to stay, I throw it and he can go to fetch it only when I say: OK!!!

E’ inverno pieno, ma il freddo quest’anno è arrivato tardi. Un tappeto di foglie morbide di bruma, gialle, rosse e arancioni ricopre il terreno. Arriva un Beagle femmina. Una simpatica cagnolona sovrappeso e allegra. Tiro lontano la pallina e Bryce corre a cercarla. Si lancia all’inseguimento, salta, affonda nelle foglie, si rotola e infila il naso nell’erba alla ricerca della sua preda di caucciù.

It is midwinter, but the cold arrived late this year. A carpet of soft, misty, red, yellow and orange leaves covers the ground. A female beagle arrives. A nice, overweight and cheerful dog. I throw the ball far away and Bryce run to search it. He gives chase, jumps, sinks in the leaves.  He rolls and sticks it’s nose to the grass searching its rubber prey. 

Arriva Wendi, la Beagle, al trotto e senza neanche abbassare troppo il naso sul terreno segue le tracce della pallina. Bry ha sollevato terra e goccioline di bruma con la coda a spazzola e allegro perlustra tutto intorno: gira e rigira e cerca. Fiuta e s’accanisce nella caccia come un lupo nel bosco. Wendi non devia il percorso, che sa già essere il più breve per arrivare alla pallina, e non ci mette neanche dieci secondi a scovarla sotto il fWP_20151111_09_23_48_Proogliame e a prenderla in bocca. Con occhi dolci e orecchie morbide come una cascata di capelli castani guarda Bryce: se non avesse la pallina tra i denti si potrebbe pensare che sorrida.

Wendy, the beagle, arrives trotting and even without lowering to much her nose to the ground, she follows the ball’s tracks. Bryce lifts ground and mist drops with his brush-shaped tail and cheerfully scouts all around: he turns and turns and searches. He sniffs and insists hunting like a wolf in the wood. Wendy doesn’t change her route, that she knows to be the shortest one to the ball. She needs less than 10 seconds to find and take it in her mouth. With sweet eyes and soft ears that remind a soft cascade of brown hairs, she looks at Bryce: if she hadn’t the ball in her mouth you could think she is smiling.

Lui si immobilizza: coda ritta, posa plastica e negli occhi una muta domanda: “Ma dove diavolo era intanata quella furbissima pallina? L’ho cercata ovunque!”

He Stands motionless: straight tail, proud pose and a silent question in his eyes: “But where on earth was that smart ball? I looked for it everywhere!”

Caro border, è tutta questione di naso!

Dear border, it’s just a matter of nose!

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He’s just a dog…?

He’s just a dog. Yet I don’t like to humanize animals, even if today it’s quite natural: cartoons, books, games do it. It’s easy to forget the science called ethology  and play with imagination. I’m doing it too on my blog! And yet although I try to keep my feet on the ground and my head on my shoulders I can’t help been amazed by some of Bryce’s behaviors.

WP_20151031_09_18_25_ProI warmed a slice of pizza and I told to my son to take it. Ten minutes went by and then 15 and he totally forgot the pizza loosing his mind in his thoughts (homeworks, music, chat). Bryce, who followed carefully the event, stood up on his rear paws took the pizza’ sedge and brought the slice to his human brother. He put it at his feet and looked at him. He seemed to say:” Are you eating it? If you aren’t, I will”.
He could have stolen and eaten it: he is only a dog! But he didn’t: intelligence, sense of pack membership, dormant atavistic hunger? Who knows…

The fact remains: this behavior amaze and fascinate me at the same time. I would like to know what activated this behavior in Brik’s head, but I settle to look into his amber eyes which are telling thousand of stories, and his stracciatella-colored muzzle with his hanging tongue that makes him looking like he’s always smiling. It’s fine to know he is part of a family, ops…pack!

Sometimes I’m thinking that even if I can’t read Brik’s mind, he and the other dogs and cats can. It would be curious if they could understand our words or our feelings while we couldn’t decode their behavior. It would be weird to discover that they are the real advanced ones…
Obviously I’m only kidding…or not???

Italian version: è solo un cane…?

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Fiutando libri!

Ho letto “La casa dei cani fantasma” di Allan Stratton e mi ha conquistata. Una volta iniziato a leggere, non si riesce a smettere. Una storia avvincente, attuale, originale tra i romanzi contemporanei, che mi ricorda i grandi romanzi del passato. Uno di quei libri che resta, non passa. Felice d’incontrare libri così.

I read “The dogs” by allan Stratton and I really loved it! A fascinating, actual and original story among the contemporary novels, which reminds me the great novels of the past. One of those books that remains with and in you and never goes by. I’m happy to find such books. la casa dei

Ho avuto il piacere di ascoltare Allan Stratton in un evento del festival letterario Mare di Libri a Rimini. I had the pleasure to listen to Mr Allan Stratton during an event at the literary exhibition “Mare di libri” in Rimini. WP_20150614_11_41_08_Pro

Uno scrittore onesto con il proprio lavoro e disponibile verso i lettori. A pelle una bella persona che è stato interessante conoscere attraverso un romanzo come “La casa dei cani fantasma”. Un autore onesto c’è nelle sue storie.

A writer honest with his work and friendly with his readers. Instinctively a beautiful person who was nice to meet and to know through a novel like “The dogs”. You can feel and appreciate the honest writer in his stories.

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I libri uniscono… together with books!

Ecco una conchiglia che mi hanno regalato i ragazzi siciliani durante la festa del Libro di Valderice, ripescata ieri nella mia borsa! L’ho messa tra le conchiglie del Mar Ligure che mi diede la mia amica Anna, cui è dedicato il libro “Come conchiglie sulla spiaggia”.

Ogni tanto, chiusa nel mio studio a Verona, chiedevo: “Com’è il mare oggi? Di che colore è?… e il vento? di cosa profuma il vento stamattina?”

Anna che ama il suo mare e il suo vento era i miei occhi, insieme ai miei ricordi, mentre scrivevo “Come conchiglie sulla spiaggia”.

Il piatto delle conchiglie è il dono dei ragazzi di una scuola di Treviso, fatto da loro nel laboratorio di ceramica!WP_20150528_13_48_56_Pro

Here it is a shell the Sicilian boys  gaveme duringthe Valderice Book Fair that i found yesterday in my bag! I put it among the shells from the Ligurian Sea sent from  my friend Anna, to which i dedicated my book “Come conchiglie sulla spiaggia”.

Occasionally, closed in my office, I asked her “How is the sea Today? What’s its color? And the wind? What’s its smell this morning?”

Anna, Who loves her sea and wind, was my eyes together with my memories while I was writing “Come conchiglie sulla spiaggia”

The shells’ plate is a present from the students of a school in Treviso: they did it during their ceramic lab.

cover (2)

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L’imbarazzo di un cane… Embarrassment…

Stamani al parco grande divertimento con il frisbee!

Brik lo prende al volo, lo riporta, lo molla e, poiché si tratta di un disco morbido, nei momenti di pausa lo mordicchia e lo uccide. Nulla di tecnico o troppo serio: solo gioco! Dopo tante corse il giovane brik raggiunge la fontanella per abbeverarsi. Per aver la bocca libera abbandWP_20150625_13_02_43_Proona il disco e lappa l’acqua fresca con piacere. Dopo la bevuta gli viene naturale un bisognino fisiologico e con mira da cecchino centra il suo disco che si trasforma, voilà, in pitale.

Una scrollata al pelo umido di rugiada mattutina e Brik è pronto a riprendere il gioco ma quando fa per recuperare il disco si ferma imbarazzato. Punta la situazione e si sdraia senza distogliere lo sguardo dal suo frisbee magicamente trasformato.

Orecchie ritte, lingua penzoloni e corpo affondato nei fiori e nell’erbetta: il giovane brik è diventato una statua di sale e quindi tocca a me togliere il border di nobili origini dall’imbarazzo!

So much fun with the frisbee this morning at the park!

Brik makes a flying catch, he holds it, he let it go and as it is a soft disc, during the pauses he chews and kills it. Nothing technical or too serious: only playing Today! After many runs the young Brik reaches the standpipe to drink. To free his mouth he leaves his disc and laps fresh water with pleasure. After drinking he has to dispatch a physiological need and like a sni per he hits the center of theWP_20150625_13_02_54_Pro disc that suddenly becomes a chamber pot.

Shaking his humid hair from the morning dew Brik is ready to play again, but when he tries to take his disc he stops sheepish. He focuses the situation and Lay down without diverting his glance from his frisbee so magically transformed.

Standing ears, dangling tongue and body sunk amid the grass and flowers: the young Brik becomes a piller of SALT and therefore it’s my turn to relieve the aristocrat border from embarrassment!



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Regali del tempo… Time gives you memories…

Il tempo è ilcome bene più prezioso. Solo il tempo svela i veri amici. Il tempo cambia, aggiusta, intona persone e persone, persone e luoghi, persone e animali. Conoscersi porta, col tempo, Border e Umano è muoversi con lo stesso passo. La routine diventa la conferma che viviamo insieme gli spazi e che possiamo affrontare insieme i cambiamenti.

Time is the most precious asset of all. Only time reveals true friends. Time changes, mends and matches people and people, people and places, people and animals. To know eachother brings, as time goes by, border and human to move at the same pace. Routine confirms that we live together spaces and that we can face changes together.

Il tempo scorreva veloce mentre io e il brik camminavamo per le vie del paese. Avevamo incontrato di nuovo l’uomo con il pitbull che quasi staccò l’orecchio a Bryce, ed era stato proprio lui a indicarmelo ringhiando. Anche questa volta era scappato, il vigliacco, non appena ci aveva riconosciuti e mi sentivo tremare, presa dall’indignazione e dalla memoria della paura. Allora il mio cane saggio camminò al mio fianco per quasi due ore e indiana jons da piccolola tensione si sciolse, la paura sfumò.

Time went by quickly as Brik and I were walking through our city steets. We met again the man and his pitbull, the one who almost tore away Bryce’s ear; and it was a growling Bryce to point him out to me. And once again that coward went away as soon as he recognised us and I shook full of indignation and scaring memories. Then my wise dog walked next to me for about 2 hours until tension melted away and fear faded away.

Il tempo scorreva lento quando, andando verso il campo di agility, passammo con la macchina su una stradina sterrata piena di buche e io rallentavo a passo d’uomo. Bryce era impaziente di scendere per correre tra gli ostacoli, si agitava, mugolava e quindi dal sedile di dietro mi allungò una leccata sull’orecchio: “Umi andiamo così piano che torniamo indietro nel tempo… ”

Time went by slowly as driving to the agility ground we passed on a rough road full of holes and I slowed down to a crawl. Bryce was impatient to get out to run among the obstacles. He fidgeted, moaned and therefore from the rear seta he licked my ear: “Umi we go so slowly that we are going backwards in the past…”

Il tempo regala ricordi.

Time gives (you) memories.