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Let’s explain!

Foto di Martina Miradoli
Foto di Martina Miradoli

To write about Bryce, aka Brik, is natural to me like it was years ago when I told stories to my sons and I put them black on white… Once a friend told me not to humanize my dog but once again it was so natural to me to use my pen to describe his behaviour in a serious and amusing way.

To write about Brik is like a game, a little tribute to his contagious joy and an excuse, so dear to every writer, to look around and Tell a story. From now on I will describe myself as “his human mentor”. Yes, I know, that from the very beginning there have been dogs and owners, but Let me use this poetic licence. Nobody should own someone: no man owns a woman or another man; nor a woman owns a man or another woman. A father doesn’t own a son nor does a mother. Therefore I don’t want to own a dog, I want to believe he choose to stay with me and never leave me ad I will never leave him.


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