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Here is Umi, my uman mentor!

It’s said that dogs grew fond above all to one of their family’s members, but that’s not me! I’m a multi-human-lover. Maybe I still have a little crush on a particular human which I perfectly trained: he threw a ball exactly as I taught him, we didn’t fail a shot!

However I feel very selfconfident like all borders do, and I don’t disdain an agility race tubowith a good and beautiful handler because, I must say it, Umi, my present handler, is a little bumbling. She doesn’t run fast and she mistakes hand or foot! I come out of the tunnel at a supersonic speed, low tail, alert ears, ready to face the next obstacle… and my Umi points a jump, then she rethinks and gives me a short: “no, no, wait!” “It was an out”. What does a poor border have to do? He is trained to understand quickly, but what can he do if he has an handler who reads a whole pamphlet about street indications in dog sports??? What should I do? Should I stop and lick my paw? Or should I drink some water and take care of my personal hygiene?

Oh well, but Umi is Umi! Umi is a sweetheart, she is a free dreamer with a light inclination to break someone else balls. Yes, it’s true. She is determinated to bring me up: naive!
For she doesn’t want me to bark to the other dogs working on the obstacles things like: “I do it! I do it!” “Go away!”  “Let me in, I’m the best!”

Umi is a children’s writer and she cannot be anything else: she loves adventure, pirates, woods, cats and dogs. Umi does strange voices, she makes me and the house cats talk, and once she even gave voice to a centipede. Umi was her cubs’s joy, they grew up, I grew up but she still remains the same. TIMG_6632his is why I stay by her side and I’m her shadow. Dogs, when they can, remains where they are needed. As a matter of fact someone must keep her feet on the ground! Sometimes she is a little sad and she only wants to walk. She likes to walk everywhere and with any wheather: sun, snow, rain or wind! It happens, seldom but it happens, that we walk for hours joint by a long and slack leash but lost in our own thoughts. I sniff, study, mark the territory. I’m busy with my own dog business and she goes keeping her eyes to the ground even if she doesn’t look where she puts her feet. When we stop I invite her to play: I bow down, wag my tail, bark happily but nothing! So I let her quite: I know that shortly we will be happy again.

I want to rassure you about agility: nothing is lost!
You can say anything about my Umi and surely she hasn’t a high self-exteem: she knows she is a duffer and therefore she tries to find a solution. And the best solution would be my brother! I don’t add anything else but together we are very smart: like a Ferrari driven by John Lennon!!!


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