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Do you already know our house cats? Let’s talk about them! (… happy Easter!)

noiWhat can you do when a cat choose your paw as a pillow? And what do you do when a cat decides that he likes you even If you are a dog? Well, with some feline it’s not even worth talking about it: you sit still like a sphinx and he stands gently up on his rear paws and he rubs his little head under your chin purring. It’s really embarrassing. I swear, but it’s also evident (I’m a cultured dog), that facing such a showy trust you cannot react aggressively. It’s a sort of peaciful protest played out by my feline roommate to destroy the cliché according to which cats and dogs are the bitterst enemies, an evident stand-up of purrs and rubbings to overturn some old and overcome legends. Perhaps a stupid dog could misunderstand but surely not a clever, sensible border with his commonsense. I sit still, sometimes I flatten my ears backwards for embarrassment, but usually I do nothing, its called self-control.

Sometimes my human brother makes me play this game: I must sit still in front of a yummy trick untill he lets me eat it. He does it to teach me to resist to the primal impulse to eat, just in case I would – but I shouldn’t – gobble a poisoned morsel: oh, be sure!!

noi1I already train my self-control with the house cat who unilaterally decided to be my best friend. I must defend my dignity, but I cannot savage him: this is self-control to me!

Moreover Umi would not be happy If I would bite that peaciful furball. When the house cat (not vegan-pacifist) catches a lizard or a little bird Umi makes a ruckus to free it from his claws. What’s if there is a lizard less in the garden? But no, she starts a fight with the feline to take away the prey, and he, stupid, even makes the effort to bring it home. In short Umi doesn’t care about the food chain and therefore it’s better to give up; it can be useful to lick someone else’s bowl (Umi doesn’t know but I can reach it).  I personally like commonplaces, but I’m a good dog and therefore I conform. As a matter of fact there are two cats at home: one loves me the other is stupid. As puppies we chased eachother, now he ignores me like it should be, or he utters a plaintive meow which means let me in peace. And Who touches you? If I should strive for something it will always and only be for the bowl, the ball and the setee’s use… according to the priority order!


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